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Sol LeWitt American, born 1928 Four-Sided Pyramid, 1999 I visited Washington DC last week and, as usual, took the opportunity to visit the Mall and some of my favorite museums: The American History Museum, Air and Space Museum, Museum of Art and a stroll through the Museum of Art Sculpture Garden. A mom with her […]

Ah, Time Travel! That magical staple of science fiction. As I ponder my own path through the science fiction landscape, one recurring plot device would have to be time travel. The following is a list of the formative time travel plots, not comprehensive at all and not necessarily in order of quality, but more chronologically that I encountered growing up.

I have tossed the idea of a blog around for awhile — okay, at least a year. I’ve been hesitant to pull the trigger because I look out in the ‘webiverse’ and see thousands and thousands of blogs. So the real question has been, if I’m going to blog, what exactly will I blog about. […]