January, thanks so much for being with me today. You’ve had quit an exciting few weeks with the release of your first novel, FOREVER MAN. At the end of the interview readers will get a chance to win a free copy, but more on that later. We all want to know more about the novel, but first, let’s talk about you and your writing.

I’m always curious about what jazzes creative artists. Where do you find the inspiration for your writing?

Everywhere! The world abounds with stories. My only regret is that there is not enough time in one human life span to write them all…

On a more concrete level, I do find movies often work as muse. Forever Man was inspired after watching The Green Mile, a wonderful Tom Hanks movie about the power of healing and redemption.

What are you reading right now? What’s an all-time favorite read?

I just finished reading a gem of a novella from Rita Bay titled Into The Lyons’ Den and currently reading Jude Johnson’s Dragon’s Legacy. She is a real wordsmith and I am really enjoying the journey. Toxic Relationship is on my must-read list and I am looking forward to reading your esteemed book, Richard. I’m always impressed by the quality of writing at Champagne Books so my list keeps growing of what to read. My current goal is to read one by every author…

Yes, I agree January. We’re in pretty good company at Champagne Books.  What do you find to be the most challenging thing about being a writer? And how do you cope with that challenge?

Having to have a day job! No, I do like teaching but it does drain one of vital energy by the end of a day, so I like to write in the early mornings with a fresh perspective and commitment and that helps with the process. I have found to my astonishment that I am rather a prolific writer.

What do like the most about being a writer?

Writing down words that become paragraphs that become scenes that ultimately fill a novel with a story. The journey is everything!

If you could go anywhere, do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

Back in time (to have more time). Perhaps that is why I wrote, The Time Key, a science fiction book about going back in time to “fix” the past to make the present possible. I think that is also why I like to write about immortals as they get the full gift of forever time. Just imagine what you could accomplish!!!

Tell us about FOREVER MAN, your novel now available for purchase online?

Here’s my back cover description:

From Bluewater California to Nome Alaska, Ellie Hightower has made the journey looking for a fresh start.

Her new found gifts of telepathy and healing are frightening her, and driving her to want to find a normal life in the very place her beloved Gran talked about all her life. But the last thing she was expecting was to fall in love with Mike Stone, her new boss.

Their amazing love story has only just begun when Katrianna, a beautiful vampire, comes along. Her sexy antics upset the women of Nome, and Ellie most of all, as Katrianna is soon looking to have Mike all to herself and destroy her new found happiness.

 Wow, a telepathic healer and a vampire in Alaska. Where did your story concept come from?

Where did the idea come from? I remember it as clear as if the moment had just happened: I was watching The Green Mile, and was mesmerized by the idea that the gentle giant, imprisoned unfairly in jail for a crime committed by an another, could heal others by taking on their illness and then just letting the evil flow back into obscurity by exhaling through his lungs. I coveted that gift with every fiber of my being. I had just lost two beloved brothers to cancer and had to stand by and watch it happen. My heroine, Ellie Hightower, was going to have it so much better than me! She was going to have the gift of healing and save those she loved. I know why I write romantic stories—the happy, guaranteed ending.

 And Ellie has it going on! She’s a young woman led by her heart who takes others under her wing. I hope she touches your heart as she has mine. 

I know I get attached to my characters. Which of your characters in FOREVER MAN is your favorite? Why?

Definitely Ellie.  Forever Man is very dear to my heart. I coveted the gift of healing that my character Ellie Hightower had in spades. I got to live, through her fresh eyes, the experience of healing others of deadly disease. Can’t imagine a better gift to have—to be able to heal others. Now add the gift of time and the two blessings together would be the ultimate. I guess we could call that, I’ve just been hit by a thunderbolt, Richard, Forever Healer. See how the muse can hit just out of the blue…

Thanks for sharing yourself with us today. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Sure, the next book in the series, FOREVER WOMAN, is coming October 1st from Champagne books. Though all the series are also standalones, this book takes the reader into brand new territory. We are now going to see the world through vampire eyes and that changes everything!

And it is my pleasure to offer a copy of FOREVER MAN to one of your commenters. Thanks so much for having me here today, Richard, it’s been a blast!

Thanks January.  So here’s the deal readers.  I’ll select a name at random from everyone who comments on the interview.  Get those comments coming!  You can purchase FOREVER MAN today at Amazon, Champagne Books and most online bookstores.   

  1. Nice interview! The book sounds intriguing…my ‘to read’ list is getting bigger every day. Glad to hear you’re managing a day job while still being prolific. I’ve been worried about going back to work myself.

  2. Cathy Coburn says:

    Ta-Da made it this far, now let’s see if it goes all the way. Another great interview, good questions, good answers. Your book is coming up next on my list of reads January, it sounds like my kind of read and I look forward to it. J.A. Garland is after you. But first James Patterson’s Now you see Her is my current read. Best of everything

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