Where do I find a critique group?

Now that we’ve thought about what we want in a group and whether we’re looking for an online group on one meeting in person, the next question is where to look for your next critique group.

I participate in two groups.  The online group is a genre group of five writers on AuthorSalon.com.  We are engaged in a rigorous critique process which requires literally hours of time devoted to critiquing each other’s work in detail.  Definitely not for everyone.  You may also find online groups associated with specific writing conferences and writing associations.  In addition, look to genre specific online communities for critique group opportunities.

Face-to-Face groups can be established using online tools, such as meetup.com; posting an announcement in known writer hang outs — bookstores, cafes, libraries; making a request through your local writer’s association and networking.  My other critique group, a face-to-face group, is made up of peers I met while attending a certificate program in fiction at the University of Washington.

Where have you found your critique groups? Post a comment. I’d love to hear from you.


Next post I’ll look at the critique process.



  1. Brian Braden says:

    Excellent analysis and advice in this series. I think getting into the proper group early is critical to maturing as a writer.

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