Religion in Texas can be divided into three main categories: those who worship God, those who worship Football, and those who worship BBQ.  Texans may not agree on God, depending on faith tradition and denomination. Or Football, depending on University affiliation (UT v A&M comes immediately to mind). However, a Texan loves BBQ. Someone NOT from Texas likes vegetables.

I know I’ve crossed the line and will be open to death threats from vegetarians and non-BBQ eaters, but I’m holding my ground.  Smoked brisket and cold beer define the state.  We gather around the BBQ pit for family reunions, political campaigns, church picnics, national holidays, birthdays, weekends, weekdays — you get the picture.  Just check out the Texas Monthly listing of the top 50 BBQ joints in Texas and you’ll see what I mean.

Nick Sibelius, the protagonist private investigator of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP and DIRTY WATER frequents BBQ joints often to take in the smokey goodness of beef ribs and brisket.  But where does he go?  While he could saunter south to Lockhart for BBQ at Black’s or Kreuz Market, I happen to know he has a penchant for the smoked meats of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor.

YouTube @ Louie Mueller BBQ

So even though he’s surrounded by crazies and psychopaths hellbent on mayhem, take heart knowing he can always stop in for some BBQ, beans, potato salad and a cold one. If you’re going to have people shooting at you for a living, you might as well enjoy one of life’s and Texas’ great treasures: smoked beef barbecue.

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