My agents at AEI are currently looking for a publishing home for THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANN, Book One in my fantasy series INKER WAR. In the meantime, I had the great fortune to meet a very talented artist, Ven Locklear, who I’m please to say, created an image from a scene in the novel. Please check out Ven’s work at his website.


An odd wind rises beyond the hills. A storm rolling down the mountainside? I turn to shout another command, when the wind grows to a rhythmic thwump, thwump, thwump, like huge birds of prey catching Andean air in their massive feathered wings. An Inca monster has been awakened? Over the crest behind the remnants of the Emperor’s force, huge beasts ply the air, thwump, thwump, thwump, a steady drone. For a moment, everyone around me stops to take in a sight like none they have ever seen.

A hundred death angels travel the skies above, raining down hell…


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