Drum Roll!!!! Here’s the cover for the first title, KILL’T DEAD OR WORSE, in the Nick Sibelius series.

I got a chance to talk with the designer, Anna Hacker Downey, about her thoughts regarding the cover:

What was your inspiration for the cover design?
I listened to your thoughts, read the synopsis and pitch for the book, and spent time with you discussion your goals and the tone you wanted the book to have.

Say a little more about tone.
The Sibelius series is a crime story, but it’s full of humorous eccentric characters along the lines of one of Elmore Leonard’s or Carl Hiaasen’s novels. So the goal was to project some of the humor in the cover which is accomplished with the way the title teeters across the page. The bold bands of color give it the feel of jazz poster or the title credits to some of the humorous crime films of the late 50’s and 60’s. The barrel is a hint to what may be worse than death in the story.

KILL’T DEAD OR WORSE is available today at Amazon. A paperback edition will be coming live later in December.

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