The second Nick Sibelius novel now has a release date of October 10, 2017! This is a new take on the novel, Dirty Water, previously published by Champagne Press. New title, new cover, and completely revised. Murder, drugs, and H20: Nowhere else but Texas.

One thing Nick Sibelius knows for sure—his wealthy new client, Texas entrepreneur Dan Hoyt, is ‘all hat and no cattle’. When an open and shut case of vandalism leaves more questions than answers, Nick must untangle a knot of egomania, desire, and greed. Unknown to Nick, his client, having made a deal with virtual gaming icon, Izzy Zydeco, to partner in a desalination project, is already counting his money. And unknown to Hoyt, his new partner has bigger and more insidious plans requiring the betrayal of a major drug cartel and contaminating the Austin water supply for the next century. Working with covert Homeland Security agent and past love, MaryLou, and his new colleague, Theresa, Nick must thwart Izzy and ultimately choose between justice and saving Theresa’s life. H2O is up for grabs and Nick discovers in Texas, water is a deadly business.

The first Nick Sibelius novel, KILL’T DEAD…OR WORSE is currently available in ebook or paperback from Amazon. And the third Nick Sibelius story, BUZZARD BAIT, should be released into the wild in time for the holidays. Nothing like giving a gift set of Texas style murder and mayhem for the holidays!

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