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A great joy in my life, other than writing, has been flying. Not the big commercial jets, but small, single engine airplanes. One of the basic things every pilot learns sooner or later is that the more you try to control the airplane, the less control you have. When I first started flying, I recall […]

  I’ve got some great news for all of you good ol’ boys and geeks out there. Yeah, I know. How often do the stars align for Billy Bob and William Robert to find joy in the very same thing? Here it is. Amazon is planning on using drones to deliver packages. I know. How […]

A Starting Point

Posted: 28th July 2012 by Richard Hacker in Aviation, History, Writing
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A few days ago I did one of my favorite things about being a writer — research. In the middle of the week and the middle of the day, I hopped on my scooter, riding through downtown Seattle to the Museum of Flight. My goal: tour the interior of a B-17. This aircraft had a […]