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Chris Lough writes in an article which is, hands down, the best description of the book production process I’ve ever read. In How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published in Only Three Months he walks us through the six key steps in the process for a typical book and then for R. R. […]

Sometimes what you never thought you’d ever see happens right in front of you. Like many of us, I have watched Amazon enter the marketplace, devouring small, independent bookstores and crushing the big box stores as well. Amazon can sell just about anything to anyone and get it there in two days for free. Sounds much […]

I attended the 59th annual Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference over the weekend in Seattle. Since I moved to the city, I try to be active in PNWA and help out during the conference. A great way to meet writers and others in the book biz. For the third year I helped out with the […]

James Stewart’s column in the New York Times, “Long Odds for Authors Newly Published”  about J.K. Rowling aka Robert Galbraith’s book, Cuckoo’s Calling  has left me pondering what writing is all about these days.  In the article, Stewart discusses how Cuckoo’s Calling under the Galbraith name had to be shopped around at publishers and then, depending on […]

I’m getting ready to attend the Northwest Pacific Writers Association Conference in Seattle this week. The first conference I attended was the Texas Writers’ League in Austin. While I can turn on the extrovert (I was a consultant for 20+ years, afterall) I have never enjoyed going to a big gathering of people to network. […]

A friend who is in the process of writing a non-fiction book asked me what it takes to get published.  I thought I’d share what I told her.  Call it another data point for anyone in the hunt for working with a publisher.  I also think most of this applies to self-publishing as well. 1. […]

Unless you’ve been living on a small deserted island somewhere in the Pacific, you’ve seen a tremendous change in the publishing industry over the last few years. I’ve found myself in many conversations around books, bookstores, the big chains, the online retailers, and the medium itself. Before we used to beat each other up over […]