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Had a great crowd at the Austin book release for the paperback edition of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. We had a great time together, I got to catch up with old friends and new, had some good food, did a few readings and signed books. Great fun! Thanks to everyone who joined us. Here are a few […]

Controlled Falling

Posted: 17th December 2012 by jazzdog in Creativity, Life, Writing
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Just like walking, living is an exercise in controlled falling.  We step out, falling with our weight in one direction, then we shift our weight, stepping with the other foot to control the fall. I’m a product of having worked much of my professional life as an independent contractor, charging by the day, usually traveling out […]

I want to welcome Gary Eddings to the blog. Gary has a new novel which has just been released this month, which I’m hoping he’ll be telling us about. First I’d like to take with you about work work as a write.  I’m always curious about what jazzes creative artists. Where do you find the inspiration […]

Rise of the Digital Book

Posted: 3rd December 2012 by Richard Hacker in Digital Media, Uncategorized
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I’m reading a book right now. Not so unusual, since I read all the time.  But what’s different for me in an unexpected way is I’m reading a book in its old five hundred year old format — paper, ink, binding, the whole enchilada.  I’ve read books all my life, from Tom Swift’s wonderful sci-fi […]