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If you want to save the future, you have to die in the past–again and again.

If you want to save the future, you have to die in the past–again and again.When a fifteenth century scryer gains the alchemical knowledge to create a future in his own image, a small band of alchemists rise in opposition. One of this band, Addison Shaw, has inherited his father’s alchemical fountain pen and a destiny to fight this ancient war threatening all he loves with extinction. Using his pen, he writes himself into past lives, leaving his body in the present. Upon completion of his mission, he must die in order to break the link and return home.

While his enemy, Cuthbert Grimbald, plays a three-dimensional chess game across the centuries, with each ‘Inking’, Addison’s world shifts further into chaos. From the ancient 3rd century city of Alexandria to the killing fields of WW I France to the 16th century Inca Empire in South America to present day Tokyo and an altered region of Texas now known as Tonkaweya, Addison and his fellow Inker, Jules, battle against Grimbald’s machinations. After Jules is murdered in the present and her consciousness trapped in a 10 year old Inca princess five hundred years in the past, Addison, alone and close to defeat, discovers the only way to save his world might be to destroy it.



Addison’s First Inking

Addison, Inked into Pizarro, witnesses an Incan Attack on the Spaniard’s fleet



watercolor symmetrical Rorschach blot on a white background

When an ordinary man discovers he’s an obsolete tool created by a defunct galactic corporation, he must run from government agents and galactic assassins. No one ever said being a galactic tool would be easy.

In the course of a morning, after resurrecting a dog and finding the woman in his daydream dead on the floor, Dungsten Crease locks himself in a cafe men’s room, hoping his nightmare will end. Instead, Sam, a lanky alien mentor in bicycling gear, appears. Dungsten learns he is both a human and a prototype Shaper, a genetically programmed tool designed by the now bankrupt Phoenix Interstellar Planet Share Corporation to terraform planetary experiences for vacationing clients.

Pursued by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) operative, Dungsten unwittingly bifurcates, creating a duplicate of himself. Unfortunately, bifurcation has side effects: loss of bladder control, an erection lasting more than four hours, paralysis, and death. Running from forces hell bent on capturing or killing them, the two Rogers run for their lives. Racing to master his abilities, can Roger pull himself together before it’s too late? And if having his government after him wasn’t enough, a Galactic Business Council assassin, Sandarian Megaleez, has come to Earth with one purpose in mind: Kill Dungsten Crease.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, Roger comes face to face with his assassin. To survive, he must simultaneously be in three different locations, preventing a nuclear catastrophe, keeping the woman he loves alive, and avoiding his own assassination. No one ever said being a galactic tool would be easy.

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