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Seems like everyone puts out a book trailer for their novels these days, so I decided I’d add a trailer to my promotion plan.  First step — gather all of my Hollywood insiders to put together an incredible team of producers, directors, videographers, all the way to a caterer using only locally sourced, organically grown […]

With the publication of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP, a phenomenon has occurred which I suppose I should have expected and yet, I feel surprised.  I have written in one form or another for years.  Those first short stories I read during “show and tell” in Mrs. Meredeth’s third grade class, my bitingly witty (to a 13 year […]

I want to thank Cathy Coburn and Duaine Neill for joining me today.  These writing partners have an adventurous streak — zip lining, scuba diving and oh yes, doing jumps in four wheelers off sand dunes!  When they aren’t risking life and limb, they’re writing.  Their novel AFTER THE MIST released by Champagne Books is […]