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The Texas Crime Series

A full-flavored Texas novel worthy of your attention! Hacker masterfully weaves his plot through the cultural fabric of the Lone Star State. A smart novel chocked full of great characters.
Brian Braden, Underground Book Reviews

This book was so entertaining. The writing was great, and the storyline is so original that you won’t find anything like it…The Book Sirens

Coming Soon from Del Sol Press!

By Richard Hacker
Forthcoming Winter 2018

Upon acquiring a powerful and coveted magical pen that enables its user to write himself or herself into the mind and soul of any historical personality, Reid and fellow alchemists known as “Inkers” wage a war in Earth’s past from 3rd century Alexandria to 16th century South America in an effort to prevent the time-altered Incan Empire from destroying the America of the 21st century in a terrible nuclear conflict.

Once their missions are complete in the past, the alchemists must “die back” in order to break the link and return. Reid and fellow Inker, Jules McCullough, are therefore forced to learn they must be willing to die to save the future, and as often as possible.




 My writing explores what it means to be
an ordinary human being
living in extraordinary circumstances


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  1. Marie Ruther says:

    Surely you are not the Richard Hacker that went to Excelsior High School in 1968? Played Spock in the school play? Was in the Civil Air Patrol?

  2. Bob Parsons says:

    Found your new book a bit far fetched. REALLY! A Texas governor planning to return Texas to a republic? Just to win the votes and money of the radical right? OH WAIT! We had a governor like that. Nice store Richard! Your Former Westlake pastor cohort!

    • admin says:

      Bob, thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed. I kept coming up with ‘far-fetched’ plots and kept getting outdone by Texas politicians. LOL. I shifted direction to sci-fi fantasy and have an agent currently shopping my first in a series right now. I hope it will find a home soon. Thanks again for reading!

  3. Sue Fletcher says:

    Eager to receive your short story! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Susanne Harm says:

    Hello from Austin where we had a cold front and it’ll only be in the 60s today. All the SXSW-ers are freezin. Miss ya and looking forward to reading more of your adventures soon.

  5. Love the theme of this book. Don’t know how you survive and endure cold Seattle after Sunny Austin!

    • jazzdog says:

      I’m getting used to the cooler weather up here. Although I have been known to cross the street from a shaded spot, simply to stand where a shaft of sunlight has appeared!

  6. Joani Harr says:

    Howdy neighbor! Went to subscribe, can’t find the link.

    • jazzdog says:

      Apparently the theme got updated and dumped the sign up! Good to know. No worries. I’ve subscribed you to the email list. Thanks for joining!

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