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What is an effective critique process? The best critique process is the one your specific group agrees to do together.  There is no “right” way to critique, only choices. Number of group members: While two could work, a group of 5-6 allows for sufficient energy and variety of feedback in the group, as well as […]

Where do I find a critique group? Now that we’ve thought about what we want in a group and whether we’re looking for an online group on one meeting in person, the next question is where to look for your next critique group. I participate in two groups.  The online group is a genre group […]

Should My Critique Group Be Face to Face or Online? Over the last several posts, I’ve discussed finding the right critique group.  But is this group virtual or in person? Let’s take a look. I currently belong to a face-to-face group and an online group and from my experience, I can share a few advantages […]

  Choosing the Right Critique Group So far we’ve talked about the importance of knowing what we want from a critique group and clarity about what a group wants from us.  So how do you know what group is right or wrong for you? How do I know if I’m in the right critique group […]

What does a Critique Group want from me?  In my last post I discussed clarity about what you want in a critique group. Today let’s look at the other side of the story — what does a critique group want from you. Honesty — yes, it’s subjective, but honest feedback stripped of any agendas (see […]

What do I want from a Critique Group? One of the most helpful or hurtful things for a writer is a critique group.  Helpful when the group enables you to learn, to grow, to stretch.  Hurtful when the group either pulls you down into the muck or stalls you out.   I’ve had a taste […]

One of the things many writers will tell you is just how difficult it can be to get good, objective feedback on your writing. We go to workshops, critique groups, editors, readers and others, looking for some feedback. Is the writing clear? Do you get a good sense of the protagonist/antagonist? Is the primary plot […]