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  I’ve got some great news for all of you good ol’ boys and geeks out there. Yeah, I know. How often do the stars align for Billy Bob and William Robert to find joy in the very same thing? Here it is. Amazon is planning on using drones to deliver packages. I know. How […]

I very pleased to have fellow author Audra Middleton with me on the blog.  We recently shared duties as co-facilitators of a session about finding the right critique group at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference.  Audra, thanks for being with me today. It’s always good to have a fellow Champagne Books author in […]

I want to welcome Gary Eddings to the blog. Gary has a new novel which has just been released this month, which I’m hoping he’ll be telling us about. First I’d like to take with you about work work as a write.  I’m always curious about what jazzes creative artists. Where do you find the inspiration […]

I Want to Thank Debra Easterling for joining us today.  Debra has a thriller coming out in October from Champagne Books called TWENTY MILES NORTH OF LVOV. And she’s currently working on a chic lit mystery, which I’m hoping we’ll find out about in our interview. Debra, before we get to TWENTY MILES NORTH OF […]

I want to thank Cathy Coburn and Duaine Neill for joining me today.  These writing partners have an adventurous streak — zip lining, scuba diving and oh yes, doing jumps in four wheelers off sand dunes!  When they aren’t risking life and limb, they’re writing.  Their novel AFTER THE MIST released by Champagne Books is […]