In a few days I’m going to be taking a break from writing, researching, critiquing, dog walking, dish washing — you get it.  A break.  It’s called a vacation. Something we Americans don’t do as often as we should.  I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of rest and relaxation.  Oh we have plans. Kayaking, hiking, biking, scootering, wine tasting, a bar tending  class, lots of great food and plenty of unscheduled downtime.  While I’m away, TOXIC RELATIONSHIP should be hitting the online bookstores.  So on my return, I’ll make a big announcement, celebrate the moment and probably share a few stories of the journey to get the story published by Champagne Books.

You might also notice that I’ve merged my website and the blog — or maybe you didn’t, which is better because I hoped it would be a seamless deal.  I attempted to do the deed DIY, but as is often the case, at least for me, with the online world, I ran into some difficulties.  I posted a cry for help and several of my friends contacted me with a lead.  Then I remembered I knew someone in the biz who helped me with a business website a number of years ago. Lucky for me, my contact info still worked. A special thanks goes out to Terri Gray, the President of AustinWebDesign.  She did the hocus pocus she does and saved me a ton of time and heart ache.  Thank you Terri!

One last bit of news.  I signed a contract with my current publisher, Champagne Books, for the second installment in the Nick Sibelius series.  DIRTY WATER will be coming out in June.  I’ll wait for a later date to talk more about Nick further adventures.  Funny, I lived in Austin for years and it was never quite as crazy as Nick’s life.  He must attract the strange and the quirky.

The pic? My Dad took this picture when he was stationed at Hickam Field on Oahu.  Love the photo and it reminds me of travel.  Speaking of that, if you could go anywhere and do anything for a vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

  1. Your merged site/blog looks great! I’m trying to think of something creative for a sky’s the limit vacation. Would I travel back in time & stop myself from being stupid sometime in my past? Too much pressure. Would I visit some new planet? Doubtful. I’d just like to be on a beach somewhere, writing uninterrupted, with my children safely & quietly occupied somehow!

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