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I draw on many sources for my novels from reading and research to life experience to imagination.  For the Nick Sibelius series, set in Central Texas, I tend to pull from well over thirty years of living in the area. The food, music, culture, weather, spirit of the place makes up a major part of […]

What is an effective critique process? The best critique process is the one your specific group agrees to do together.  There is no “right” way to critique, only choices. Number of group members: While two could work, a group of 5-6 allows for sufficient energy and variety of feedback in the group, as well as […]

I’m writing this blog just before the national election and it will be posted the day after. So as you read my words, some of us are pretty depressed, the world spinning toward its destruction, some of us are still dancing in the streets, the world having avoided destruction, and a think a good portion […]

Where do I find a critique group? Now that we’ve thought about what we want in a group and whether we’re looking for an online group on one meeting in person, the next question is where to look for your next critique group. I participate in two groups.  The online group is a genre group […]