The third book in the Nick Sibelius crime series is now officially out!

In Chain Reaction, Nick Sibelius and his partner Theresa Soliz take on a client caught in an apparent grudge between competitive bass fisherman, they discover they have unknowingly entangled themselves in the secessionist plot of healthcare magnate, Bruce Reynolds, to create the sovereign nation of Texas. Faced with Reynold’s remotely controlled drone air force, they make a desperate attempt to prevent civil war, while keeping their client alive and their relationship intact.

Here’s what’s being said about the previous Nick Sibelius novels:
Praise for DIRTY WATER

“A must read for all murder mystery fans. 5 Stars” — Cozie Corner Blog

 “…the mystery and suspense is present throughout.” — Texas Book Nook

“What do you get when you combine Politics, Texas, Murder, and Mystery mixed with a  bit of romance? Well, you get Dirty Water. Richard Hacker has written a novel that will intrigue and fascinate readers. You will find yourself hanging on every word while waiting for the other ball to drop.” — My Reading Addiction

“This story has so many elements that makes it intriguing. Hacker has woven a tale of deception, politics, and crime solving and he has done a superb job of connecting all three…A great Mystery/Suspense read.” — A Life Through Books

“…a murder mystery with a touch of romance and domestic terrorism.  From the start I found myself turning the pages to discover what was going to happen next. Four crowns.” — Queen of All She Reads

“Tight suspense with wonderful laugh out loud moments. Richard Hacker is a master storyteller.”   Pam Binder, Pacific Northwest Writers Association President and author of the NY Times Best Selling anthology, A Season in the Highlands
“Many times I found myself getting strange looks because I was laughing out loud…Highly entertaining and sure to be enjoyed by fans of mysteries with humor. I highly recommend it and hope that there will be more stories to follow.”   Paige Lovitt for Reader Views and Seattle PI
 “If you’ve ever spent time in Texas, and love it like I do,  you’ll catch yourself nodding and smiling as Hacker masterfully weaves his plot through the cultural fabric of the Lone Star State….Toxic Relationship reaffirms my belief that anything by Richard Hacker is a safe bet. It’s a smart novel chocked full of great characters and light humor.” Brian Braden, Brian’s 99 Cents for Underground Book Reviews
 “All throughout Toxic Relationship, I laughed my butt off!”  JenRen, TE Garden of Book Bloggers
 “The characters in this story are awesome.  The story is steady, we meet a man changing into a woman, the doofusses, a love story gone wrong, a psychopath dentist with higher aspirations than sense, and a killer who was scarier than zombies.   I think for a mystery, adventure and laugh out loud funny read, you wouldn’t go wrong with Toxic Relationship.” Beth Cutwright, Beth Art from the Heart
 Five Stars.  One of the most enjoyable books I have read in quite a while, this book was remarkably easy for me to get into.  I loved the characters, in particular, the bad guy characters! … If you are looking for something just a bit different, something that will seduce you into forgetting about your undone chores, then this book is for you, too. Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews

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