As some might know, I had three crime novels published through a small press beginning in 2011. I had a good experience with the publisher and having learned a thing or two, I decided last year to acquire the rights to all three novels. So why put these books out again? First, a novel is meant to be out in the wild, free to roam and be read. Second, I wanted to give the indie publishing route a try. And finally, this gives me a chance to do some editing, give them new titles, and more eye catching covers. Essentially the novelist’s version of a director’s cut. The first novel will be rolled out in January with a virtual book tour. And before the release, I’ll be sharing the cover and some excerpts. For those of you who have read one or more of the Sibelius novels–Thank You! If you’d like to help, I encourage you to buy the ebook in January (it’s less than a tall latte at $2.99) and post a review on Amazon. Every little bit encourages new readers.

The plan is to release the second book in the Spring and the third in the Summer. As a sneak peak, here are the new titles:

Kill’t Dead or Worse
Crooked As The Colorado
All Hat, No Cattle

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