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James Stewart’s column in the New York Times, “Long Odds for Authors Newly Published”  about J.K. Rowling aka Robert Galbraith’s book, Cuckoo’s Calling  has left me pondering what writing is all about these days.  In the article, Stewart discusses how Cuckoo’s Calling under the Galbraith name had to be shopped around at publishers and then, depending on […]

You may have read about the study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology recently which noted the beneficial effect of a mild chocolate aroma in the air on book buyers.  I am quite confident in the results of the study, given the researchers were Belgian.  A grad student at Ole Miss or a professor from […]

You may have noticed a new logo on the home page under the countdown for the book tour.  A couple of weeks ago I participated in Coffee Time Romance and More’s day long blog event — Book Brew. As a participating writer I won a prize!  I am now listed on their site, monthly newseltter and […]

Rise of the Digital Book

Posted: 3rd December 2012 by Richard Hacker in Digital Media, Uncategorized
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I’m reading a book right now. Not so unusual, since I read all the time.  But what’s different for me in an unexpected way is I’m reading a book in its old five hundred year old format — paper, ink, binding, the whole enchilada.  I’ve read books all my life, from Tom Swift’s wonderful sci-fi […]

As an author writing a YA novel I face the conundrum of determining how much graphic sex, violence and profanity my characters will experience in the course of the story.  YA presents a challenge because you’re dealing with a broad spectrum of intellectual and emotional capacity to understand what is being presented.  The distance between […]

Unless you’ve been living on a small deserted island somewhere in the Pacific, you’ve seen a tremendous change in the publishing industry over the last few years. I’ve found myself in many conversations around books, bookstores, the big chains, the online retailers, and the medium itself. Before we used to beat each other up over […]