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I’m pleased to announce my short story, SWING THING, has been published as an ebook on Amazon and is available for FREE from May 10-13! The woman I’ve been stalking for the last week has, once again, followed her usual route by a little cafe on 70th. Petite, shoulder length brunette hair, hips doing that […]

WORD: Favorite Books of 2015

Posted: 21st December 2015 by jazzdog in Novel, Story, Word, Writing
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Ah, another year comes and goes. This week I’m sharing a few of the authors  I especially enjoyed in 2015. What were your favorite books in the past year? Leave a comment and share wealth!   THE MECHANICAL, Ian Tregillis It’s 1927. The Dutch Brasswork Throne, with their clockwork tech and alchemy, rule the world […]

A great joy in my life, other than writing, has been flying. Not the big commercial jets, but small, single engine airplanes. One of the basic things every pilot learns sooner or later is that the more you try to control the airplane, the less control you have. When I first started flying, I recall […]

Continuity, especially in a longer novel with a complex plot, can be a real challenge. As the story evolves from the first draft, every aspect of the novel deepens with detail. The setting, from the time of day, time of year, climate, architecture, flora and fauna–the list is almost endless–becomes more defined on the second, […]

Had a great crowd at the Austin book release for the paperback edition of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. We had a great time together, I got to catch up with old friends and new, had some good food, did a few readings and signed books. Great fun! Thanks to everyone who joined us. Here are a few […]

I’m writing this blog just before the national election and it will be posted the day after. So as you read my words, some of us are pretty depressed, the world spinning toward its destruction, some of us are still dancing in the streets, the world having avoided destruction, and a think a good portion […]