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Del Sol Review is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2017 editions in general fiction, science fiction and fantasy, and poetry. Del Sol Review was started in 1998. It was first known as “Editor’s Picks” and served the purpose of highlighting select work from print journals on WebdelSol.Com. But as time pushed forward, and submissions […]

I’m very pleased to announce the latest issue of the Del Sol Review has gone live. The issue focuses on speculative fiction, as well as poetry. Come check it out! Del Sol Review 21    

What happens when an author finds himself an editor? Like every writer out in the world, I have received loads of rejections from the non-response to the one line boiler plate to the occasional thoughtful note. I’ve had my blunders. Sending a query without the submission attached. Reviewing a submission post-query to find one too […]

I’m pleased to announce my short story, SWING THING, has been published as an ebook on Amazon and is available for FREE from May 10-13! The woman I’ve been stalking for the last week has, once again, followed her usual route by a little cafe on 70th. Petite, shoulder length brunette hair, hips doing that […]