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Sometimes what you never thought you’d ever see happens right in front of you. Like many of us, I have watched Amazon enter the marketplace, devouring small, independent bookstores and crushing the big box stores as well. Amazon can sell just about anything to anyone and get it there in two days for free. Sounds much […]

My agents at AEI are currently looking for a publishing home for THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANN, Book One in my fantasy series INKER WAR. In the meantime, I had the great fortune to meet a very talented artist, Ven Locklear, who I’m please to say, created an image from a scene in the novel. […]

Here’s a chance to pick up copies of the Nick Sibelius thrillers at a fantastic price. TOXIC RELATIONSHIP DIRTY WATER CHAIN REACTION

Given it’s December, this must be my annual holiday blog post!!! I cannot offer unending pop star carols in the background, no flashing lights, fake snow on plastic trees or even a mocha pumpkin cinnamon double whip with red and green sprinkles. Sorry. I can point out how this holiday month for various religious traditions […]

I very pleased to have fellow author Audra Middleton with me on the blog.  We recently shared duties as co-facilitators of a session about finding the right critique group at the 2013 Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference.  Audra, thanks for being with me today. It’s always good to have a fellow Champagne Books author in […]

Week One of the DIRTY WATER Virtual Book Tour begin today!  I’ll be at the  Reading Addiction Blog Tours site for a Meet and Greet on Monday, August 12.  Follow along as I visit other blogs with guest posts, reviews, and info on my latest novel in the Nick Sibelius series of humorous crime, DIRTY WATER. August […]

Religion in Texas can be divided into three main categories: those who worship God, those who worship Football, and those who worship BBQ.  Texans may not agree on God, depending on faith tradition and denomination. Or Football, depending on University affiliation (UT v A&M comes immediately to mind). However, a Texan loves BBQ. Someone NOT […]

Jane Friedman, who writes a blog on the business of writing, has shared an infographic which offers one of the better descriptions of the evolving publishing world. Often conversations about the many paths writers might take include a level of angst (oh my God, we’re all going to die!), defensiveness (my way is better than […]

Had a great crowd at the Austin book release for the paperback edition of TOXIC RELATIONSHIP. We had a great time together, I got to catch up with old friends and new, had some good food, did a few readings and signed books. Great fun! Thanks to everyone who joined us. Here are a few […]

I Want to Thank Debra Easterling for joining us today.  Debra has a thriller coming out in October from Champagne Books called TWENTY MILES NORTH OF LVOV. And she’s currently working on a chic lit mystery, which I’m hoping we’ll find out about in our interview. Debra, before we get to TWENTY MILES NORTH OF […]