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Chris Lough writes in an article which is, hands down, the best description of the book production process I’ve ever read. In How Could The Winds of Winter Be Published in Only Three Months he walks us through the six key steps in the process for a typical book and then for R. R. […]

As some might know, I had three crime novels published through a small press beginning in 2011. I had a good experience with the publisher and having learned a thing or two, I decided last year to acquire the rights to all three novels. So why put these books out again? First, a novel is meant to […]

What happens when an author finds himself an editor? Like every writer out in the world, I have received loads of rejections from the non-response to the one line boiler plate to the occasional thoughtful note. I’ve had my blunders. Sending a query without the submission attached. Reviewing a submission post-query to find one too […]

Sometimes what you never thought you’d ever see happens right in front of you. Like many of us, I have watched Amazon enter the marketplace, devouring small, independent bookstores and crushing the big box stores as well. Amazon can sell just about anything to anyone and get it there in two days for free. Sounds much […]

Chris Lough, in a recent column, reflected on George R. R. Martin’s struggle to complete The Winds of Winter, the sixth installment of Game of Thrones. For Martin, the increasing pressure to complete a manuscript reduces his creative output. His cure is to find other outlets to let off some steam and shift his […]

WORD: Favorite Books of 2015

Posted: 21st December 2015 by jazzdog in Novel, Story, Word, Writing
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Ah, another year comes and goes. This week I’m sharing a few of the authors  I especially enjoyed in 2015. What were your favorite books in the past year? Leave a comment and share wealth!   THE MECHANICAL, Ian Tregillis It’s 1927. The Dutch Brasswork Throne, with their clockwork tech and alchemy, rule the world […]

The Word: New Direction

Posted: 1st December 2015 by jazzdog in Word
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I’ve been away from the blog for some time. In the interim, I’ve been working with Ken Atchity at AEI as he shops THE FIVE PENS OF JOHANN around and completing another novel. The new work is tentatively titled THE BIFURCATION OF DUNGSTEN CREASE. It’s a fun little scifi romp. You can check out the synopsis […]

I attended the 59th annual Pacific Northwest Writers Association conference over the weekend in Seattle. Since I moved to the city, I try to be active in PNWA and help out during the conference. A great way to meet writers and others in the book biz. For the third year I helped out with the […]

We’re in the middle of the June blues in Seattle as the weather toys with us–one day clear and sunny with mountain views, the next overcast and glooming. But July is only a couple of weeks away, promising the usual awesome Pacific Northwest summer of clear days in the 70’s and 80’s and of course, […]

Like most authors, I spend a good deal of time researching characters, history, culture, language, locations…the list is endless. On any given day, I may ponder how the human body reacts to garroting, which Russian sniper rifles would have been used in the early 1960’s, the flora and fauna of Peru, churches in Amsterdam destroyed […]